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Juliet, Boss Of Us All
A hardworking mother of 6, Juliet would have you know that she might be small, but dynamite comes in small packages. And all the sticks in the yard are hers.
The Peke Ark, Advertising
While we all kept waiting for the dark one to come out, Juliet was determined to create only clones of herself. Their vet said he had "never seen a matched set before."
About Juliet's Treasures Old & New
What's one more? I thought as a tiny white cloud with blue eyes tried to climb into my lap. And at 2.6 pounds, that ball of fluff took over my heart & house. When Juliet was 3, Casey came along. Enemies at first, they soon became thick as thieves and then fell in love. Thus The Peke Ark was born. Knowing she would only get one chance, Juliet gave birth to Marco, Ralph, Drum, Donovan, Trinket and Felicia the Firecracker. Being Pekingese, they weren't content to just sit on pillows all day, and in 2010 opened their own store on eBay, Juliet's Treasures Old & New. And since Juliet's real treasures will be 7 this January, they thought it was time to branch out.
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The Peke Ark is committed to going the extra mile for their customers and will do anything for a bizkit.